Grand Theft Auto San Andreas careens to Windows Phone but lacks Xbox Live

Way back in November Rockstar Games shocked all by saying they were bringing their mobile port of their hit game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas to Windows Phones. This shocked us all because a lot of bigger developers skip out on porting to Windows Phones but Rockstar Games is a true bro! Of course it came out a few months after the iOS and Android ports but now Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has finally reached Windows Phones and we can’t be more ecstatic.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne now free on Windows Phone

Back in November Gameloft’s extremely popular racing game series Asphalt 8: Airborne came to Windows Phone for a minor price ($1.99). However, now Windows Phone users have more reason to celebrate as Asphalt 8: Airborne is now available for free! That is right, absolutely free!

Path finally makes its way to Windows Phone

When it comes to Windows Phone apps it seems the development cycles are usually always long. This is the same thing that has happened to Path, the small scale social networking app. Back in July 2013 it was showcased at an event but it never ended up showing. Now, finally, Path beta is out for Windows Phone.

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AIRTAME reaches goal; Coming to Windows Phone

Want to cast your computer screen to your TV? A lot of devices out there are coming or are already out that can do this (such as Chromecast) but the latest to get some steam behind it is AIRTAME.

Halo’s Cortana set to take on Siri and Google now?

With the Microsoft Developer’s BUILD 2014 just months away, rumors are flying thick and fast as to what we can expect to play out in the conference. One of the big noises we are hearing is that Windows Phone will get Halo character Cortana as its voice nav assistant.

QuizIt in the works for Windows Phone? Teaser here


A lot of big name or just popular apps are admittedly missing from the Windows Phone catalog. One of these is called QuizIt which if you don’t know about it is basically a quiz game (like the name suggests) that has over 290 categories! Essentially, QuizIt is the king of trivia games for phones and developer Daniel Gary is working on an unofficial client for us Windows Phone users.

Three Popular Apps Get Bug Fixing Updates

If you have downloaded the empire building game from Disney Mobile, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, you can now rejoice the fact that the problem of the stores not producing coins when the game is minimized or closed has been addressed. The game’s latest update takes it to version