No need for a real coach, try adidas miCoach

Want to get into exercising but don’t know where to start? Normally you could get a personal trainer to help you and keep you motivated but this is 2014, no need for a human personal trainer. adidas miCoach is a new app that aims to be your virtual personal trainer and assistant to get you in the best shape you can.

Want buffer? Try Stack; It gets the job done

For all you social networking addicts you may be familiar with a service/app called Buffer. Basically what it does is you can use it to post things to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the future at a delayed time. This can be useful for anyone who does hardcore social media work or if you want to have an active account and just want to write a bunch of posts at once and schedule them out.

What to expect in Windows Phone 8.1 update

On February 10th, Microsoft sent out invites to select Windows developers regarding the Beta release of their Windows Phone 8.1 software development kit (SDK), which is the tool used to make apps. This was promptly leaked out, which pointed to a handful of features that can be expected when the update happens. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the prominent features that emerged from the leak. Just remember though that this is just a beta build and there are no guarantees that this will pan out exactly in the final version.

Microsoft OneDrive now live!

A week ago or so we did a post about how Microsoft’s current (at the time) cloud server, SkyDrive, was getting a re-branding effort to be called OneDrive. Well, it is official! Microsoft OneDrive is now live for all users to use.

Party fever hits WP as Rayman Fiesta Run lands on the WP Store

Rayman fans, have you been waiting to play Fiesta Run on your Windows Phone? Your wait is finally over. You can head over to the Windows Store, grab Ubisoft’s fun loving platformer, and party the week away. Rayman Fiesta Run initially landed on the India Store about a week ago, but it appears that the game is now available to players worldwide.

Windows Phone gets Marvel’s Avengers Run Jump Smash!

Marvel’s Avengers Run Jump Smash! has been out for a while on iOS and Android devices but now is making its way to Windows Phone. If you don’t know much about Marvel’s Avengers Run Jump Smash! it is essentially another endless runner mobile game with the Avengers theme. However, that statement makes it seem like it is very generic when in reality it is far from it.

Count calories the best way with Calorie Manager

With smart phones a lot of great life improving apps have come about. One of the main “genres” of these are fitness based apps, either focusing on exercise regimes or nutritional apps. Calorie Manager by David Holland is the later as the name suggests. However, Calorie Manager doesn’t just track your calories but rather all the nutritional values for all the food you eat.

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The sensational Flappy Bird gets a clone on Windows App Store

Flappy Bird, the surprisingly simplistic game that has become a rage on the iOS and Android platform has appeared on the Windows App Store. The original version was developed by Vietnam-based indie developer Dong Nguyen and although he recently tweeted that he is still working on the Windows version, it appears that a clone has sneaked on to the Windows platform courtesy IG Mobile.

For the uninitiated, Flappy Bird is a retro arcade styled game where you guide a tiny little bird past pipes and several other obstacles. Although the game mechanics couldn’t be simpler, (you tap on the screen to flap the bird’s wings and get it to fly), gamers have been highly frustrated by the inability to score as well as they would like, and yet seemingly find it hard to put it down too.

New screenshot of Windows 8.1 shows separate volume controls

If you don’t know there is a no build of Windows, Windows 8.1, that is coming out in April and as the date approaches more and more details and leaks are getting released to the public. Today’s “leak” is a basic screenshot but one that is shaking things up.

Windows Phone grows 104% in 2013

There is no real surprise that Windows Phone is basically in third place behind Android and iOS but that doesn’t mean it is doing bad itself. In fact based on recent reports from ABI Research we have now seen some great insight to how the Windows Phone is doing exactly.