6tag gets update 3.0; Now supports Instagram Direct


6tag, the most fully featured third party Instagram app for Windows phone just got better. Its latest update, version 3.0 comes with support for Instagram Direct apart from other design changes. With the official Instagram app still in beta, Windows users can get the full benefits of Instagram by downloading 6tag. The inclusion of Instagram Direct on 6tag means that it makes more sense to use this app until the official app starts to feel like an official app.

Direct is the latest Instagram feature that lets you send photos and video messages directly to friends. It is a private sharing feature, so instead of sharing videos and pictures with the general public you can just share it with your own group of contacts. The feature also lets you track and monitor who has seen your photos or videos, and view comments as they happen in real time.

If you’ve got 6tag already installed on your device, be sure to check out the latest improvements and let us what you think of the update.

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