AIRTAME reaches goal; Coming to Windows Phone

Want to cast your computer screen to your TV? A lot of devices out there are coming or are already out that can do this (such as Chromecast) but the latest to get some steam behind it is AIRTAME.

If you don’t know what AIRTAME is it basically does work like a Chromecast or one of those types of products. It is a device that plugs into your HDMI slot on your TV and can be powered through the USB on your TV. It works through wi-fi in which you install the AIRTAME application on your computer or phone and then can wirelessly stream to your TV. The AIRTAME app for your phone also will eventually be used as remote controls as well as remote screens. As for further developer support they mention two options. The first option is that they could make it a standalone app in which you’d have to add the things you want to watch to the app. The other option is making an SDK so other apps (like Netflix) can incorporate it so you can directly stream apps through AIRTAME. The estimated delivery date for AIRTAME dongle is May 2014 and costs about $89. This is the wave of the future and if you have a Windows phone note that this is probably the best option as of now since Chromecast has no Windows Phone support.

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