Best News Apps for Windows Phone

One of the biggest advantages of the smartphone era is that you can be in any part of the world and still stay in touch with global events and happenings. You don’t necessarily need an Android smartphone or an iPhone to get your daily fix of the news. The Windows Store has a good collection of news apps that can bring you the latest headlines and stories, as well as offer you enough options to customize the app to suit your reading tastes. In this article, we showcase some of the best news apps for Windows Phone.

Bing News Windows Phone

Bing News

Bing News for Windows is a photo-rich app that brings you news and events from a variety of trusted sources. Simple swipe actions will let you quickly glance through the headlines, but you can also get in-depth coverage on topics that matter most to you. A handy Search feature lets you find the story you want to follow and you can customize the app to track topics, categories or news sources that interest you.

Nextgen Reader Windows

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is a beautiful RSS reader for Windows phone. Its intuitive interface shows your subscriptions on the left hand side of the screen only when you need it. Being powered by Readabiity, the app offers a comfortable reading experience, especially when you want to read a story in detail. The app also lets you watch YouTube videos and share stories that you like with your Facebook and Twitter contacts. If you wish to follow up on a story later, just save them to Instapaper, Pocket & Readability. Nextgen Reader is an app that’s definitely worth downloading, if you like to keep up with all your favorite news sources from around the world.

Weave Windows Phone


Read news stories from the most trusted sources right on your Windows phone with Weave. This news reader pulls stories from just about any category you want; technology, world events, gaming and more. You can customize the app with the right fonts, font sizes, theme colors, night reading mode, and even a voice character choice, if you want to hear an article read out loud. Live tiles and Pocket support are the additional features you’ll enjoy should you choose to download the app.

Newser Windows Phone


Newser brings you the top news in an attractive visual news grid format. The top stories on the grid are handpicked by editors and presented in a short snappy format perfect for grabbing the gist of the story in as little time as possible. There are also other attractive features such as live tile support, lock screen integration, voice commands and text to speech options. If you want a snappy news reader to bring you the news roundup in a jiffy, Newser is the one you’ll want to check out.

Phonly Windows Phone


Phonly is a Feedly app for Windows Phone. The developer of the app received permission from the popular news aggregator to build an app for Windows Phone using their APIs. Since the Windows platform doesn’t have an official Feedly app yet, Phonly is the next best thing you could have. It lets you access your Feedly stories and subscriptions, offers live tiles and lock screen support as well as options to save on Pocket and Instapaper for reading later. You can even mark stories as read and download articles without opening Internet Explorer or mobilizer.

Drudge Report Windows Phone

Drudge Report

Want to know all the latest from the Drudge Report website that covers the latest breaking news and world events? The Drudge Report app is what you need. Just like the website, the app keeps things simple and straightforward. You’ll notice the familiar three column layout, options to read a story without pictures, and live tile updates to fill you in on news stories as they happen.

The Onion Windows Phone

The Onion

The Onion is not your conventional news source, but if you love a humorous spin on your daily news, sports, and political stories, The Onion is where you’ll find it. And if you want it on the go, The Onion is the app to get. The app has plenty of great features including in-app videos, social sharing, saving for reading later, live tile support, profanity filter and more. A must have if you’re a fan of the site.

NBC News Windows Phone

NBC News

If you like to be more exclusive in how you get your news and NBC is your preferred news source, then there’s no question about the best app for you – NBC News. The app comes with text to speech, category tile support, lock screen integration, and voice commands. Enjoy all the latest shows such as Nightly News, Dateline and TODAY apart from accessing topics such as technology, politics, and entertainment from your trusted NBC News brands.

NYTimes Windows Phone


NYTimes is an app that is worth downloading if you’re ready to pay for a subscription service. Else you will get access to just three articles every day. NYTimes offers the best journalistic stories on a wide range of topics from food, and travel, to science, and medicine. You can pin sections that you like on the live tiles and save your favorite stories to the cloud so that you can access them on multiple devices. You can also share stories on Twitter, Facebook and via email. NYTimes is a must have app if you care for powerful opinionated stories.

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