Carry the Weather With You on Your Windows Phone with the Blue Skies Weather App

If there’s one thing that act as a spoilsport to your perfectly good day, it’s the weather. This certainly holds true if you live in a country where you have four seasons in one day. A weather app on your mobile phone is certainly handy when you’re frequently on the go and need to plan your travels. There are loads of weather apps on the Windows Phone Store that throws all sorts of weather-related information your way. Today, we take a look at the freshly introduced Blue Skies weather app for Windows Phone.

Blue Skies pulls weather data from, a weather service provider for developers. iPhone users will be familiar with the highly accurate predictions of the acclaimed weather app Dark Skies, which also uses the same data for forecasts.

Blue Skies isn’t the most comprehensive weather app in the market, but its ideal when you want to know the weather summary for the next hour or the next 24 hours. The app provides a 12 hour forecast as well as a 5 day forecast.

You will also find information about the precipitation, humidity, sunrise, sunset, and advisories and warnings of extreme weather conditions. You can choose the size and frequency of information you want displayed in the Live tiles to know the weather information at a glance from your Home screen.

Blue Skies is a clean and intuitive app that is available on the Windows Phone Store for free for a limited time (until May 1st). Do check out the various features of the app while its still free and if it happens to satisfy your requirements, you can pay a small fee for its future use which could be handy for the developers to cover the cost of the APIs.


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