How to use Find My Windows Phone feature

Losing or misplacing your phone can be a very distressing affair. Luckily, there are services that will come to your aid, should you find yourself in one such predicament. carries a special section called Find my Phone that lets you configure your Windows Phone so that you can find its exact current location, or at the worst, lock or erase your data remotely so that your data is not misused by the finder. In this post, we will show you how to map your Windows phone to this feature so that you will never have to stress yourself out when you realize that your phone is missing.

How to block a number on Windows Phone

Smartphones are pretty handy when it comes to communicating with friends, family and others. No matter where you are, you are only a click or a tap away from reaching out to them. However, this can also work against you, when you are stuck with calls from people you’d rather not speak to. Maybe an ex, an overzealous “fan”, or just the regular sales guys harassing you with their various pitches. Whatever the reason, having a handy call or text blocking feature on your phone helps. If you have a Nokia Windows Phone, you can follow the steps in this tutorial to block a number.

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