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Read Unlimited Books on Your Windows Phone with Scribd

Any avid book reader will be aware of Scribd, the digital library that is popular with over 80 million users worldwide. What you probably don’t know yet, is that Scribd is now available as a universal app for Windows.

Scribd Windows Phone

Scribd is a subscription based service, where you can get unlimited access to over 400,000 books from as many as 900 publishers for as little as $8.99 a month. Whether you’re looking for NYT bestsellers, literary classics, or non-fiction, there’s something for everyone as the company has worked out an agreement with authors and publishers from various genres to bring you the best of the publishing world. That’s not all, you can also get access to millions of user-uploaded written content.

A special editorial collection will let you discover new books and if you prefer, you can also get personalized recommendations delivered to you. For easy access to your favorite books, you can pin them to the side screen. The app works across all mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows) and browsers and all files are automatically synced.

Scribd is a free install for your Windows Phone. Do check it out and tell us what you think of the app in the comments section.


Children’s Books for Windows Phone is a Perfect Companion for your Kids

Where there are kids, there are bound to be fairy tales floating around. With the advent of smartphones, these imaginative tales have found a home to transfigure into interactive titles. Children’s Books for Windows Phone is an app that lets you collect exciting interactive books for your little ones.

Childrens books Windows Phone

Currently the app has just one storybook called Shops by Ladne Hal , but there are plenty of teasers promising more to come. In Shops kids can design their own toy store, complete a shopping list and play a colorful memory game.

The book itself can be read by a default narrator but what’s really cool about the app is that it allows parents to record their own narrations. After all, there’s nothing more endearing to a kid than to hear the voice of a loved one narrating his or her favorite bedtime story.

Children’s Books for Windows Phone doesn’t have a whole lot of exciting stuff at the moment, but its bound to get better when more books are added. This is still a great app to download on your Windows phone, especially if you have kids who love interactive stories. The app is available on the Store for the price of free.