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GymBuilder Pro; The Ultimate Spotter

GymBuilder Pro 3

I see tons of workout apps that help track running distances, calories burned, etc. as well as a lot of dieting apps that track what nutrients you’ve been eating. These are both great kinds of apps to help people to exercise more or just help people in their workouts. GymBuilder Pro is a different kind of exercising app as it helps you with actual muscle building exercises.

The GymBuilder Pro app is great as it tracks what exercises you’ve done for what part of your body and what you need to do more of to meat your personal muscle building goals. With that comes free range to create custom workouts that the app will keep you on track of. Lately GymBuilder Pro has gotten an update that gives it even more features. You can track your body weight/measurements, have a countdown timer for your sets, and pretty much full customization on all workouts both custom and default/recommended ones. Overall the GymBuilder Pro app is a great app to take with you to the gym.


No need for a real coach, try adidas miCoach


Want to get into exercising but don’t know where to start? Normally you could get a personal trainer to help you and keep you motivated but this is 2014, no need for a human personal trainer. adidas miCoach is a new app that aims to be your virtual personal trainer and assistant to get you in the best shape you can.

adidas miCoach uses GPS and real time voice coaching to get you through your workouts and more. There are hundreds of pre-made exercise workouts that adidas miCoach can work you through and more get updated to your phone daily along with advice. In addition to access to workouts, adidas miCoach will track everything such as distance, pace/speed, calories burned and elapsed time. All of this can then be shown on animated charts. There is also a heart rate and stride rate built in to really get you in your best shape. Whether you are already serious about exercising or just want to start adidas miCoach can help.