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Airyware Tuner Goes Free on myAppFree for Windows Phone

Airyware Tuner 1

Tuning your musical instrument is a task in itself. Airyware Tuner is a fine Windows Phone app that makes the job easy for you. Thanks to its impressive feature list that includes instant reaction, scientific precision, waveform inspector, and needle/strobe dual view, you can play a note on your musical instrument, and the app will show you how out of tune your instrument is.

This app is normally available for $4.99, but thanks to the deal with myAppFree, you can pick it up for the price of nothing. That’s right! the app is absolutely free starting today it will continue to remain free with updates et al in the future too!

Airyware Tuner is a top rated app that is recognized by professional musicians everywhere. With presets for over 400 musical instruments and 900+ alternative tunings, this is certainly an app you must be lucky to own for the price of zero dollars.

Grab Airyware Tuner right now from the Windows Phone Store for free and tell your friends about this amazing offer too!


MusikPlayer is a Minimalist Music Player App for Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Store has a decent collection of music player apps, but if you are still on the lookout for something more, you can check out MusikPlayer . It is the creation of Indian indie developer Shoban Kumar who has made use of a simple, yet modern design to make listening to music on your Windows Phone a simple pleasure.

The app’s controls are conveniently placed at the bottom of a disc, which also displays the Album Art of the record that is playing. Tapping on the Album Art will display your music collection. The songs are categorized based on albums, artists, and songs.

MusikPlayer Windows Phone

The app also has a handy Search menu at the top of the screen that lets you search for songs using keywords. The auto-complete feature saves you from typing out everything and is a very handy addition to the feature.

Shoban is also actively working on bringing new features to the app, the latest of which brings a transparent tile for the Start screen. There are also further improvements in the works and users can expect to see gestures and options to mark as Favorites in the upcoming version.

MusikPlayer will leave you $1.49 short, but there’s a fully functional ad-free trial version which will let you enjoy the app just the way it was designed to do. You can of course buy the app from the Windows Phone Store if you’re happy with its offering.


BBC iPlayer Radio App Finally Comes to the Windows Phone Store

UK Windows Phone owners can now enjoy all their favorite radio stations on the go now thanks to the official BBC iPlayer Radio app landing on the Windows Phone Store.

Users can listen live to all BBC Radio stations and get access to hundreds of on-demand programs. There are also options to catch up on older programs, with up to 7 days past content being made available. Users can filter content based on Categories, Featured shows, or even the Most Popular.

BBC iPlayer Radio

The app’s intuitive interface combines some neat Windows Phone features including Live Tiles and player integration. The app also lets users browse audio and video clips including live streaming music performances. The On Air feature lets users get a quick rundown on all the stations running programs.

BBC radio can be accessed over WiFi, 3G or 4G data connection. Users will have to note that using the app over a 3G or 4G data connection will impact the data allowance.

If you love BBC radio, be sure to pick up the free BBC iPlayer Radio app from the Windows Phone Store.

OneMusic is a Clean, Customizable Music Player for Windows Phone

OneMusic 2

You may love your Xbox Music app but if you’re still looking for a viable alternative to it, you may want to check out OneMusic from Phillipe Maes.

This full featured MP3 app can access music from your phone as well as from the SD expansion card letting you create cool playlists from your collection. Its clean intuitive interface lets you randomize tunes, repeat music, and sort tracks when you are creating playlists.

The app also offers full album art support but Live Tiles and tag editing features are not part of the current version. Maes is busy working on the two features though, so users should be seeing them in the next update or so. Other limitations of OneMusic is it cannot access Xbox Music, DRM protected files, or work with an Xbox Music Pass.

OneMusic is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.99 but you can check out the free 5 day free trial before you decide on buying it.