Office Lens Turns Your Windows Phone Into a Mobile Scanner

It sounds like something out of the future…having your phone actually scan things in real life and turning them into digital files. To be honest things like this have been out for a while in some form or another but today Microsoft has published the final version of Office Lens for Windows Phone that does exactly this. Now, Office Lens has been in beta for a while so you may already have been using it but it is great that it is finalized now.

Want Some Good Recipes? Check Out BBC Good Food for Windows Phone

Cooking is a skill that really everyone should learn how to do. Or at the very least learn a few great and tasty recipes to feed yourself and impress people with. Now the BBC has put out an app for Windows Phone called BBC Good Food that lists tons of recipes that will be helpful for master chefs and beginners alike.

New App Brings The Look Of Nokia X To Your Windows Phone

Recently Nokia showed off its latest phone line, the Nokia X, which runs Android but has a Windows Phone inspired home screen and other user interface features. If you like the look of the Nokia X phones but don’t want to buy one or still love your current Windows Phone then there is a Nokia X Preview app that brings their UI to any Windows Phone.

Take a Sneak Peek at Windows Phone 8.1 Voice Assistant Cortana

The frenzied rumors that Windows 8.1 will be featuring a Siri-like voice assistant in the form of a Halo inspired character Cortana appears to be gaining more foundation. managed to grab Cortana at work in a 2 minute video that shows the basic setup that will get you started on Cortana. Sadly, we don’t get to hear the voice in the video, but if you’re eager to learn a little more about how Cortana, watch the video.

Facebook Messenger app is now available for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 users can now communicate even more conveniently with their Facebook buddies. The reason: Facebook has finally launched the Facebook Messenger app in the Windows Marketplace.

Facebook Messenger comes with loads of good features including the ability to use stickers, send photos privately, have group conversations, share your location, keep track of all your buddies who are active on Facebook, mute notifications when you want a break, keep track of your conversations, and get notified when others have seen your messages. And you can do all this even without even opening Facebook on your phone.

Want buffer? Try Stack; It gets the job done

For all you social networking addicts you may be familiar with a service/app called Buffer. Basically what it does is you can use it to post things to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the future at a delayed time. This can be useful for anyone who does hardcore social media work or if you want to have an active account and just want to write a bunch of posts at once and schedule them out.

No need for a real coach, try adidas miCoach

Want to get into exercising but don’t know where to start? Normally you could get a personal trainer to help you and keep you motivated but this is 2014, no need for a human personal trainer. adidas miCoach is a new app that aims to be your virtual personal trainer and assistant to get you in the best shape you can.

Microsoft OneDrive now live!

A week ago or so we did a post about how Microsoft’s current (at the time) cloud server, SkyDrive, was getting a re-branding effort to be called OneDrive. Well, it is official! Microsoft OneDrive is now live for all users to use.

Count calories the best way with Calorie Manager

With smart phones a lot of great life improving apps have come about. One of the main “genres” of these are fitness based apps, either focusing on exercise regimes or nutritional apps. Calorie Manager by David Holland is the later as the name suggests. However, Calorie Manager doesn’t just track your calories but rather all the nutritional values for all the food you eat.

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