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Windows Phone 8’s Weave now syncs with Windows 8 and more

If you don’t know Weave it is one of the best news reading apps available for Windows Phones. A beta for Weave has been out for two months but now the full version is out available for the public and has a lot of new features to talk about. The biggest is that now Weave can be enjoyed on Windows 8 which allows for syncing across platforms using Weave Cloud Services.


This new Weave Cloud API is a big change and is now powered by Windows Azure which is similar to Google Reader and Feedly. All your feeds and news are saved in the cloud and can be accessed through your Windows 8 phone or just on Windows 8. You can now login through Google, Twitter, Facebook or your Microsoft accounts. Everything is synced with all your devices, so if you star something on one device it will be starred on another.

In addition to the cloud changes there has been a whole host of visual changes and bug fixes. There is now a new streamlined Panoramic home screen layout. There is also a new news layout look, however all the old ones are still available. Bug fix wise they have fixed the speech function and some mobile issues.

All of this is good and well and great for Windows 8 users but there is some things you should know. The biggest is that with this update Weave does not work with Windows 7.X phones. There is also two versions of Weave; a free one and a paid one for $9.99. If you’re ready to get your Weave on download it now on the Windows Phone Store.

6tag gets update 3.0; Now supports Instagram Direct


6tag, the most fully featured third party Instagram app for Windows phone just got better. Its latest update, version 3.0 comes with support for Instagram Direct apart from other design changes. With the official Instagram app still in beta, Windows users can get the full benefits of Instagram by downloading 6tag. The inclusion of Instagram Direct on 6tag means that it makes more sense to use this app until the official app starts to feel like an official app.

Direct is the latest Instagram feature that lets you send photos and video messages directly to friends. It is a private sharing feature, so instead of sharing videos and pictures with the general public you can just share it with your own group of contacts. The feature also lets you track and monitor who has seen your photos or videos, and view comments as they happen in real time.

If you’ve got 6tag already installed on your device, be sure to check out the latest improvements and let us what you think of the update.

Facebook App Update 5.2.1 for Windows Phone Brings New Tiles and Feature Improvements

If you’ve been using the Facebook app on your Windows phone, its time to take a look at some of the refreshing new improvements that the app’s latest update is bringing your way.

Apart from the usual bug fixes, the 5.2.1 update will feature new Live tiles, which are an improvement over what was available earlier. The primary tile has been redesigned but you will also notice that tiles for chatting, viewing events, groups, pages, and photo albums have received an overhaul.

Facebook App Update

Additionally the app also features many performance improvements including those in the messaging department. If you were looking for support for additional languages, be sure to check out if you’ve got what you wanted in this update.

One interesting and much needed feature that has been introduced in 5.2.1 is the ability for developers to use one single Facebook URL to login to apps on their phone. Developers can use the new Facebook Login URL tool to open multiple apps with one universal login instead of having to keep punching in their login details every time they want to login to a different app on their device. If you’re a developer, you can grab more information on how to implement the tool on the Windows Phone Blog.

The latest updates to the Facebook app for Windows phone should make it much more fun and convenient to use now. What do you think of the latest update?


Microsoft spreads holiday cheer for Windows Phone users; Gifts 20GB extra SkyDrive storage

Got a Windows phone? Then get ready to enjoy this holiday gift from Microsoft. The company has announced that it will be giving Windows phone users the chance to activate a bonus of 20GB free SkyDrive storage for a year.

20GB extra SkyDrive storage

Ever since Microsoft streamlined its SkyDrive services in April 2012 giving users just 7GB of SkyDrive storage instead of its 25GB offer from earlier, Microsoft has been trying to entice customers to use its cloud storage services by throwing in some interesting offers. You may remember a similar offer made by the company on purchase of a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet, where customers could get of 200GB extra storage for two years.

If you’re a Windows user, SkyDrive of course is an ideal tool to connect and sync all your photos and files to access from just about anywhere. The free extra storage will come in handy to back up videos and photos you capture on your Windows phone because if something should happen to your phone, your data will remain perfectly safe and accessible on SkyDrive.


With the Windows ecosystem still playing catch up to the major players, Microsoft is probably hoping that these bonus teasers could draw in more customer loyalty.

If you’re interested in picking up an extra 20GB storage for free for a year, check your Windows Phone Inboxes and redeem that code. You have until 31st January 2014 to claim your gift.

Kik Messenger is Now Part of the Nokia Collection; Revives Hopes of Development and Upgrades

If you’re a big fan of the personal instant messenger Kik, you may have been disappointed with its lack of updates on the Windows App Store. Kik Messenger was available for Windows 7 but hasn’t seen any official support for Windows 8 devices since February 27th 2012.

Kik Messenger

In an interview to TruTowers, Kik Messenger CEO Ted Livingston stated that the reason that Kik hasn’t seen any Windows Phone 8 updates was because Microsoft has been ignoring Webkit support on Windows Phone, making it a taxing process to port its card-based features to the phone. Ted admitted that they would be happy to do development work on the platform if Microsoft put Webkit on the Windows Phone.

However, despite the setback, there’s a good chance that things will start looking up for the app that has over 14 million users to date. Kik Messenger has been spotted in the Nokia Collection prompting speculation that the app might see updates and developmental efforts happening in the coming days.

Windows Phone Kik users will certainly benefit from the Live Tiles and Lock Screen support, improved notification system and better support for image sharing.

If you’ve been a KIK Messenger user, what’s your take on the lack of updates on the Windows platform. Would you like to see updates on the app or do you prefer to move over to other messaging services like WhatsApp and Skype.

Flickr on Windows Phone 7

It’s official: Flickr has announced that it’s launching an officially official Flickr app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.

Though we don’t know exactly when the photo sharing apps will launch, you can sign up at the source link on Flickr so they can let you know when it actually launches.

In the meantime, there’s a video demo of the apps in action, and we have to say, we like what we’re seeing.

Twitter Announced an Official App for Windows Phone

Twitter Windows Phone

Twitter has just announced an official mobile app for Windows Phone. The application is available immediately for all Windows Phone 7 devices.

Twitter also says this app is particularly fast and brings users “all of the features that you’d expect from Twitter.”

Twitter mobile product manager Leland Rechis wrote on the Twitter blog that the UI for this platform is called Metro; the platform provides Pivots, which he says “are sort of like pages of the app.”

“Pivots allow you to swipe left or right to view different categories or types of information within a single application.

“For example, in Twitter for Windows Phone, you can swipe left or right to move from your timeline to mentions to direct messages,” he says.


Ever since Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetie earlier this year, the company has been hard at work on developing official mobile apps for various platforms. Twitter for iPhone came to the App Store in May, and Twitter for Android rolled out in April, as did Twitter for BlackBerry.

While some of the apps aren’t as full-featured as their third-party competitors, they do feature excellent graphics and the Twitter seal of approval, of course.

In developing this app, Twitter’s engineers and their partners made some improvements to an open source REST API library, Tweet Sharp; those improvements will also be released as open source software.

Windows Phone 7 was just made available to consumers earlier this month. Twitter was not one of the apps in the roster of pre-launch development partners, which included Pandora, Foursquare, Seesmic, Netflix and the Associated Press.

story by: mashable

Amazon Announced Kindle on the Windows Phone 7

Kindle on the Windows Phone 7

As sure as the sun, Amazon’s just announced it’ll be bringing Kindle to the Windows Phone 7 platform sometime “in the coming months.” The app was shown briefly today at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC 2010) and, based both on that and the official screenshot from Amazon’s teaser page (above), it’s definitely wearing that stylish WP7 aesthetic quite well. Press release after the break, and check out More Coverage for a couple screenshots from its PDC presentation (care ofistartedsomething’s Long Zheng and his Flickr account). And while you wait for its inevitable release, we have full confidence you’ll be able to find another platform to enjoy your Kindle books. Trust us.

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Shazam Available on Windows Phone 7


Music discovery app Shazam is now officially available for Windows Phone 7, just in time for the mobile operating system’s launch in many parts of the globe, including New Zealand and Australia, as well as Europe and Asia. (Windows Phone 7 devices are expected to arrive in the U.S. before the end of the year.)

Windows Phone 7 users will be able to download a free version of Shazam from the Windows Phone Marketplace. As part of the initial launch offer, consumers will have access to unlimited tagging — the feature that identifies titles and artists for unknown tracks playing at any given moment. It will also be possible to purchase tagged tracks directly from the Zune marketplace.

“We expect the number of Shazamers to grow exponentially as new handsets built on Windows Phone OS 7.0 hit the global market,” said Alex Musil, Shazam’s vice president of product marketing, in a prepared statement.

The company has been expanding the app’s presence and taking part in a number of collaborations in order to attract a greater audience, which is currently at more than 75 million. Musil toldMashable that the company is focused on reaching the 100 million user mark by the end of this year.

“We’re on target to achieve that, and so a big part of that is obviously being on as many platforms as possible,” he said.

Shazam has been available to Windows Mobile users since 2009 and is also on other mobile platforms, such as the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. It’s even out on the iPad, where it’s designed to encourage users to tag music heard on TV. Shazam has also formed partnerships with other services like, and just last month, it teamed up with cable channel SyFy for the season finales of Eureka and Warehouse 13. One can only wonder where Shazam will pop up next.


story by: mashable