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Get the Best Deals on your Windows Phone with myAppFree

myAppFree 1

If you picked up a Windows Phone recently and have jumped right into the Windows Phone Store to pick up some fun games to play, that’s great. What you first need to do though, is pick up this really cool app called myAppFree. The app lets you find great deals on apps and games on the Windows Phone Store and it’s a real deal breaker.

The developers of the app tests thousands of apps in the marketplace and suggest the best ones for you to download. Plus, they have an arrangement with many of the games and app developers on the platform to offer special deals and discounts on their products. The main features of the app include a special App of the Day section, where you can download one paid app for free every day. The deal stays active for a whole 24 hours.

The app also offers Push Notifications and Live Tiles so you get immediate notifications when a new deal breaks out. You can also share the deals you discovered with your friends on social media. Plus, if you’re really concerned about the amount of money you spend on apps and games, you can check the Money Saver page for the total amount of savings you made with the help of the app. As an incentive, you get points for downloading and sharing the app and can see how you are faring with other myAppFree users on the worldwide leaderboard charts.

Click the button below to download myFreeApp and have a great shopping experience everyday on your Windows Phone.


Microsoft App Live Lock Screen Lands on the Windows Phone Store with a Beta Tag

Live Lock Screen BETA 1

All Windows Phone 8.1 users can now get their hands on Microsoft’s just released lock screen app called Live Lock Screen. If you want to add a bit of color and animation to your normally boring lock screen, this app’s a pretty good one to switch to (despite the fact that its currently in beta).

The app lets you pick from one of six new lock screen layouts each of which have a unique design. The layouts display the date, time, notifications along with a unique unlock animation. You can also set the lock screen to cycle between multiple background images from your photo collection to keep things fresh every time you access your phone. You also have the option of picking a stunning image from Bing every day, if that’s something you find inspiring.

Thankfully, the Live Lock Screen is available for low end devices too despite Microsoft’s initial surmise that the app would require at least 1 GB RAM or more to run. You can download Live Lock Screen from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free and tell us what you think of it.


Samsung Releases ATIV BizCard for Windows Phone

The fact that Noika releases its own set of apps for its range of Lumia devices is no surprise, but when Samsung does that, one tends to sit up and take notice. After all, Samsung is well known for focusing on its Galaxy apps for Android devices. Nevertheless, the company has launched a business card reader for its Windows devices called ATIV BizCard.

ATIV BizCard 1

ATIV BizCard 2

The app uses the camera on ATIV phones along with optical character recognition in order to scan a business card. Alternately, users can use the camera flash, manually click a photo, or make use of a previously snapped photo from the gallery to import the information to the Contacts. The information can of course be verified and edited if necessary before saving.

While there are plenty of third party business card scanners on the Windows Store, its nice to see Samsung make an effort in that direction. You can download ATIV BizCard from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.


Speedometer for Windows Phone Updated with Dashboard Camera

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Speedometer, this is a GPS based car dashboard app by Sygic that provides speed camera alerts. The app has over 50,000 fixed speed camera locations and a live community support that reports traps and dangers on the road so you can stop worrying about getting caught speeding.

The developers have now upgraded the app to version 2.1, which brings a dashboard camera that can be used to record videos of all your trips. In many countries, a recent trend has been to scam insurance companies by faking accidents or claiming more damages for less serious ones. Having a dashboard camera helps users to show the results of the video recordings as evidence in case of an incident.

Speedometer 1

The video recordings indicate the GPS, speed and location information and can be saved by the user at a location of his choice as well as on Sygic’s Azure servers. When the videos are stored in the Sygic cloud, they get processed by the company, which then adds metadata such as location, date, time, speed as subtitles. This comes in handy as it stands as a guarantee that the videos haven’t been tampered with and are a reliable piece of evidence for the police or insurance authorities.

Apart from the dashboard camera, the new update also brings additional improvements and features including thousands of speed cameras which have been added or updated, support for Polish and Turkish languages, speed camera information from TomTom, posted speed limits so you know what speeds you should be driving at, and improvement in manage & export trip logs.

The new dashboard camera is not a free service though. Users are required to pay $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year to avail themselves of the service. You can grab this handy app from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.


File Management App Files&Folders Pro is a Universal App for Windows

Managing files and folders on your mobile device can be a bit of a nuisance, but thanks to cool apps such as Metro File Manager and Files, handling all the file management tasks on your Windows Phone is relatively easy. Adding to the file managers on the Store is the fully functional file manager Files&Folders Pro from Finebits.

Files&Folders Pro 1

Files&Folders Pro is a universal app, which means you can download the app on any Windows device and use it on other Windows devices too. The main features of the app include options to copy, move, rename and delete files and folders; open and extract files from archives such as RAR, ZIP, 7z, ZipX, ISO, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ARJ, XZ, and CAB; and add folders to Favorites and pin them to the Start Screen. The app also offers cloud support to OneDrive and Dropbox as well as support for multivolume archives.

If you often find yourself moving files between OneDrive and Dropbox, this app will make your job easy for you. Copying, cutting, deleting or renaming files is simple and intuitive as all you need to do to activate the options is press down on a file or folder. Currently, the app offers three themes with Bing wallpaper promised to be included in the upcoming version.

Files&Folders Pro is free to download on the Windows Phone Store. Check it out and tell us what you think of the app.


16 Useful Tools, One App, This is #1 ToolKit for Windows Phone

#1 ToolKit Windows Phone

No smartphone is complete without a toolkit. Sure, the Windows Phone app comes with its own collection of default apps ranging from a clock to a weather app, but there are times when you want something more – something that may not be a big deal to many, but is mighty handy when you’re stuck with everyday problems.

Ccool Media’s cool utility app comes with a vanity title #1 ToolKit, but who can blame them when you consider what’s in the pack: 5 app sets with a total of 16 tools.

The first app set comprises a ruler, a compass, and a protractor. The second set includes a flashlight, a mirror, onetap and a magnifier. The third app set features a unit converter, and an NFC writer. Set number 4 brings a noise meter, and a recorder while the last one comes with a handy timer, a stop watch, a world clock, and system info.

As you can see, these 16 great utilities in #1 ToolKit could come in handy in any type of situation and is a must have app for your Windows Phone. What’s more, you can pick it up from the Store for the price of free. Download it on your Windows Phone by clicking the button.


Print PDF Documents and Photos with the HP AiO Remote for your Windows Phone

HP AiO Remote 1

If you have a cool HP all-in-one printer and a Windows Phone with some great looking photos but can’t find a sensible and easy way to print them, look no further than the HP AiO Remote app for Windows.

This smart app from the leading IT company not only lets you print photos and PDF documents but offers plenty of other useful features too. For instance you can check ink or toner levels and view error messages, find and connect to other HP printers on your network, scan documents and photos from your HP multifunction printer, create high-quality documents using HP mobile scanner technology, save the captured documents to OneDrive as PDFs or JPEGs and share them with others.

You can also control your printer’s scan and print functions from your Windows phone itself, plus send scans directly to your mobile device from the printer. One downside to the app though is that some of its features may not be available with all printer models.

If you’ve got a HP printer, download the HP AiO Remote app for Windows Phone and let us know if you found it an ideal printing companion for your all-in-one.


Kopy; A Great App For Exchanging Info Between Devices

Kopy 1

Ever want to quickly copy text from your phone to your PC or tablet or vice versa? May be a relativly small issue but new app Kopy has the solution.

Basically you co to first on your desktop and paste your text. It will then text that text to your phone. You can also do the opposite and send a message to your PC from your phone. You don’t need to register for Kopy but if you do you can get a few more features. These include seeing your copy history and bookmarks. For an even easier time with Kopy there is a Chrome extension for your desktop. All information stored with Kopy is encrypted so if you’re worried about security don’t worry anymore. Overall Kopy provides an interesting solution for a current world problem.


Explore the Stars and Constellations with the Star Walk App for Windows Phone

Star Walk Windows Phone

Despite our hectic lifestyle and busy schedules most of us have often stopped for a minute or two to gaze at the night sky and ponder at the stars that twinkle down upon us. Have you ever wondered what those stars might be or if they are part of a magnificent constellation? You don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to the wonderful app for star gazers called Star Walk.

Star Walk has extensive information on over 200,000 celestial bodies from stars, and planets to satellites and constellations. All you need to do to get initiated into the astronomical journey is to open up the app and point it toward the night sky. You will immediately be able to see information on the celestial bodies you are pointing at. As you move your device you will see the updated information about each object in the sky.

Star Walk 1

Star Walk has plenty of exciting features. An Augmented Reality icon will help you add the image from your camera to your sky view. The app also features a Night mode that should make it easier on the eyes and save you from staring too long at the screen. A cool “Time Machine” feature lets you gaze at the skies of the past years and even peek into the skies of tomorrow.If you love watching meteor showers, you can use Star Walk to locate the next likely meteor shower and plan ahead for viewing it. And if you get totally excited with your discoveries, you can share your night sky images with friends using the social features.

Star Walk will leave you short by $2.49, but if you love the outdoors, star gazing, or doing fun educational stuff with the kids, you’ll be happy with what Star Walk offers. Download Star Walk for Windows Phone by clicking the button below.


Official File Manager for Windows Phone 8.1 Coming In May

Official File Manager Windows Phone

One feature for the Window Phone 8.1 that people have been wanting for a long time is a file manager. Sure there have been a few third party developers taking a crack at it but nothing official from Microsoft. Until now that is. Microsoft has just announced that they are putting out an official file manager as early as May.

Note that it may not come out in May but it still should be here relatively soon. While they did announce the official file manager they didn’t give much details about it. They did release six screenshots that you can sort of glean information out of. It seems users will be able to create folders, move files, and other typical functions. Since this will be the “official” file manager it should come out well and we’ll keep you posted.

Situation; Help Make Your Life Easier

Situation Windows Phone 3

Situation is a unique app that doesn’t really do just one thing but rather does two things! Both of the features that Situation utilizes are great for well…specific situations.

The first feature Situation can do is be a car finder. If you’ve parked in a large parking lot or in a garaage and you can’t find it then Situation has you covered. You simply enter in where the car is with your GPS and it can guide you right to it. The other option is you can take pictures of the general area where you parked and Situation will store that and show you.

The second feature Situation has is a nap assistant. If you have long commutes on a train or subway you may want to take naps occasionally. However, there is the fear you’ll miss your stop. Situation will fix that issue as you can input what stop you need to get off at and it will wake you up for you! In general, Situation is helpful if you find yourself napping on subways or losing your car a lot. Not for everyone but still pretty cool.


Weather Premium; An Interesting Take On A Common App

Weather Premium

One of the more looked at apps/widgets on my Windows Phone is easily my weather app. I think that is true for a lot of people and subsequently there are a lot of different weather apps on the market. Weather Premium by MetroStudio is not “just another” weather app but tries to take a more unique approach to the issue. The end result is actually something pretty cool and worth checking out.

You can see the weather forecasts in Weather Premium in three separate themes; Classic, Clother and Awesome. Note that on the Windows Phone version of Weather Premium you don’t have radar but you do have the basic weather information you could want. So what about these different themes? Well, classic is your basic weather app and shows you various extended forecasts. Clother helps you decide what clothes are necessary for outside and is extremely helpful. The awesome theme gives you a brief snippet of the weather in a humorous tone. All are fairly simple and straightforward but exactly what you need/want in a weather app. If you’re looking for a rather basic weather app that is fairly minimalistic then Weather Premium is for you.