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Carry the Weather With You on Your Windows Phone with the Blue Skies Weather App

If there’s one thing that act as a spoilsport to your perfectly good day, it’s the weather. This certainly holds true if you live in a country where you have four seasons in one day. A weather app on your mobile phone is certainly handy when you’re frequently on the go and need to plan your travels. There are loads of weather apps on the Windows Phone Store that throws all sorts of weather-related information your way. Today, we take a look at the freshly introduced Blue Skies weather app for Windows Phone.

Blue Skies pulls weather data from, a weather service provider for developers. iPhone users will be familiar with the highly accurate predictions of the acclaimed weather app Dark Skies, which also uses the same data for forecasts.

Blue Skies isn’t the most comprehensive weather app in the market, but its ideal when you want to know the weather summary for the next hour or the next 24 hours. The app provides a 12 hour forecast as well as a 5 day forecast.

You will also find information about the precipitation, humidity, sunrise, sunset, and advisories and warnings of extreme weather conditions. You can choose the size and frequency of information you want displayed in the Live tiles to know the weather information at a glance from your Home screen.

Blue Skies is a clean and intuitive app that is available on the Windows Phone Store for free for a limited time (until May 1st). Do check out the various features of the app while its still free and if it happens to satisfy your requirements, you can pay a small fee for its future use which could be handy for the developers to cover the cost of the APIs.


Boxcryptor Takes Care of All Your Security Issues

Lately the topic of security is a hot one and everyone is talking about it. Also, no one wants their data leaked to anyone whether it is malicious or companies buying it. Enter in Boxcryptor by Secomba GmbH which encrypts your data before storing it in the cloud and other services. You may have heard of it before as it was in beta but now it is out for real.

Boxcryptor supports all the major cloud based services like DropBox, OneDrive and Google Drive. You can access your encrypted files at any time and always have them with you. Boxcryptor uses the AES-256 standard for all encryption. Boxcryptor is free and very easy to use and get used to. Early reviews are rating it very favorably. You can get it today for your Windows devices and start being more secure!


New Nokia News: Pocket Magnifier App, Glance Update, And More


Nokia has had a busy day recently as they released a brand new app for their Nokia Collection as well as updating three of their other apps. The new app is a Pocket Magnifier App which is pretty cool and they also updated Glance, Nokia Chat Beta and Nokia StoryTeller Beta.

The biggest news bit is of course the brand new Pocket Magnifier app. This app was designed with the Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) and while it isn’t specifically aimed at the visual impaired it still is a great app for those who have vision issues. The app uses your phone’s camera to zoom into and enhance real life text to make things easier to read. Imagine small receipts, small print brochures, etc. As for Glance it was updated finally to 8.1. Nothing really else was done but it is still exciting to see that updated support. As for the other updated apps it was mainly bug fixes and such as there were no specific change logs. So, a busy day for Nokia and a good day for you Nokia users.


Voices Admin Gives More Options For UserVoice Admins

Voices Admin Windows Phone
If you haven’t heard of UserVoice before it is a great app for big companies and developers alike. You can set it up and basically it is a platform for user feedback. No matter how big or small your company is, UserVoice is interesting to look into for direct feedback. Now, a new app called Voices Admin by MSiccDev gives admins of UserVoice more freedom.

Voices Admin Windows Phone (1)Voices Admin Windows Phone (2)Voices Admin Windows Phone (3)

With Voices Admin you can get an account overview, manage suggests and support tickets, look at articles/knowledge base and see live notifications. This really gives Admins the freedom and capability to manage their UserVoice platform as efficiently as they can. In addition to those features, the developer added a help library that allows you to integrate the original UserVoice into your own apps. If you’re a company head, indie developer or anybody it is worth checking out Voices Admin on Windows Store.


Office Lens Turns Your Windows Phone Into a Mobile Scanner

It sounds like something out of the future…having your phone actually scan things in real life and turning them into digital files. To be honest things like this have been out for a while in some form or another but today Microsoft has published the final version of Office Lens for Windows Phone that does exactly this. Now, Office Lens has been in beta for a while so you may already have been using it but it is great that it is finalized now.

If you don’t know how Office Lens works you basically can take pictures of whiteboards or documents in general and it will save everything in OneNote. This is a great tool for all sorts of people. Whether you’re a student wanting to save whiteboard figures to study or a person who wants to have digital files of everything from receipts to business cards. Office Lens recognizes the text in real life documents and can easily covert them to digital files. Furthermore, Office Lens has scenario specific modes such as whiteboard mode which reduces glare and shadows or document mode which trims and colors text perfectly. Office Lens looks like a must have app for your Windows Phone no matter what use you are planning.


Microsoft OneDrive now live!

A week ago or so we did a post about how Microsoft‘s current (at the time) cloud server, SkyDrive, was getting a re-branding effort to be called OneDrive. Well, it is official! Microsoft OneDrive is now live for all users to use.

OneDrive 2

Of course, OneDrive again is basically SkyDrive just with a new name. A name that is supposed to mean that you’ll use this drive for all your things and have it all in one place. However, there are a few new features that we welcome. There is automatic camera backup for Android and real time co-editing for one. Video sharing and viewing is easier now and there are new ways to buy and earn storage. For instance you can earn an extra 3 GB by activating your camera roll backup to save photos automatically. This is exciting news and we look forward to seeing what else OneDrive will bring in the future.

SkyDrive dead; Bring on OneDrive

Assuming you all have Windows Phones as you’re reading this site then you know that Microsoft has been using a cloud-based storage system called SkyDrive. That is no more…at least the name. Yep, Microsoft is dropping all branding associations with SkyDrive and re-branding it OneDrive.


Why the change? Microsoft’s reasoning behind it all is that with the name OneDrive it insinuates that while you have many different devices you now can store and view it all on one drive aka OneDrive. The whole re-branding aspect may sound dumb to some but marketing things is a huge industry and very important and OneDrive certainly does make sense. So far no date has been given to when the OneDrive will actually be happening but we’ll let you know when something does.