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Toy Story: Smash it! available in Windows Phone Store

After Windows 8 appearance, latest Toy Story game is available for Windows Phone.


Toy Story is a puzzle game based on the rules of physics but includes shooting targets with limited ammo. Your goal is to guide Buzz Lightyear through various obstacles, in 6 episodes, on 90 levels in total. To advance, you must destroy all targets. But be cautious, Buzz have fixed number of balls available and more economic in expending them, more points you get.

On the technical side, graphics and animations look very good. It seems that Disney delivered well, which we expected.

Sadly, no trial version is available, but if you are a fan and don’t mind spending $1.99, you can get it here.


Race to the streets in Drift Mania: Street Outlaws; Out now on Windows Phone

Take to the streets and get your filling for the need for speed in Drift Mania: Street Outlaws by RatRod Studio. Drifting games are insanely fun and let us live out our dream of driving fast with not a care in the world. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is no different and lets you live out that dream in a variety of locations in a host of different cars.


Like all the other Drift Mania games, Drift Mania: Street Outlaws has tons of tracks and cars to keep you entertained. Locale wise you’ll find yourself racing in Japan, various deserts, the Swiss Alps, San Francisco and more. These roads are hazardous and challenging but offer tons of fun. Car wise, you have a choice of 21 different cars with HD graphics and realistic controls.

Speaking of the graphics, they are completely optimized for your Windows Phone and offer next gen 3D graphics for mobile devices. These really show in all the different customization options you can do on your car. From custom paint jobs, body kits, custom wheels, window tints and spoilers, you’ll be able to see each difference. Become the drift king master in Drift Mania: Street Outlaws as you play through the single and multiplayer modes and collect all the achievements. Drift Mania: Street Outlaws is free and tons of fun, download it for your Windows Phone now!


Herocraft releases the free version of Tiny Bang Story on Windows Phone 8

Herocraft, makers of Catch the Candy have just released the beautiful puzzle game Tiny Bang Story on the Windows Phone. Tiny Bang Story takes place in an idyllic and peaceful world of Tiny Planet.

An asteroid strike renders the planet to pieces and it is up to you to rebuild the world again. You do that by putting together the scattered jigsaw pieces. The pieces themselves are cleverly laid out; hiding in the beautifully crafted backgrounds, in treasure chests, and at just about anywhere on the screen. However, they are not all not so obvious and you will have to solve puzzles to discover some of them.

Tiny Bang Story

The game is played out in five chapters with over 30 different brain teasers to challenge your wits. There are ten enchanting musical themes to perfectly complement every level in the game. Tiny Bang Story doesn’t draw you in to the game with any storyline or dialog and you are free to explore the environment and figure your way through each chapter. You can play it as fast as you like or as slow as you want and you’re bound to enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Grab Tiny Bang Story on the Windows Store for the price of free.


Five Angry Birds games updated, exiting new levels and chars for Windows Phone gamers

Good news for Rovio fans. Company just updated Angry Birds: original, Seasons, Rio, Star Wars and Star Wars II, the Windows phone versions. Lovers of the arguably the biggest franchise in mobile gaming will get to play the new levels and will be granted access to new characters.

Angry Birds

Here is more detailed info for each game:

Original: 30 new levels, new potions, shockwave (unleash huge blast on cunning pork-chops).

Rio: 26 new year themed new levels, new “rocket bird” on bonus levels, new gameplay.

Seasons: 25 new levels (if the trend continues, there won’t be new levels left for SW versions, author), special arctic combat theme and u-bird sub-surface attack.

Star Wars: 30 new levels (glad he was wrong, editor) with an epic finale. *Imperial march playing* You will unmask Lord Vader, if you defeat him and the Emperor (pig) on the Death Star!

Star Wars II: 40 new levels + 4 secret levels, if you find the star map and unlock them, 3 new characters (Padme, Captain Panaka and Zam Wesell).

Each game has a $0.99 price label so hurry and get them for you or surprise somebody in the gift season.

Games are available on the market here.


Subway Surfers lands on Windows Phone

After Temple Run, another endless runner arrives on Windows phone. Dash across the tracks and trains to collect as many coins as possible. You will have access to many cool upgrades and tools, including the jet-packs and hover-boards. Not to rain on your parade, well actually, yes, exactly to rain on your parade, subway inspector and his canine companion are on your tail to stop you.

Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is a free game but it’s also a memory hogger. Early specs stated that you will need to free at least 512MB in your internal memory but we received reports that the game won’t run on 512MB phones (like Lumia 520, 620, etc.) meaning you will need MORE than 512MB (512MB for game + memory for OS, so you need, for example a 1024MB device). Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

Game is available for download here.


Temple Run 2 makes its way to Windows Phone 8

Temple Run 2, the sequel to the ever popular endless runner Temple Run has finally arrived on the Windows Store.

Players will get to do the usual grind of running, jumping and sliding albeit in a new organic environment. The game also brings in new obstacles by way of waterfalls, sudden burst of flames, sharper turns, and mine tracks to keep things refreshing. There are also plenty of new power ups to help you tackle those obstacles.


The game is also getting a bigger monkey to chase you around and some special powers thrown in for each of the game’s characters. If you’re the competitive kind, you will also enjoy working on getting those brand new achievements that the developers Imangi Studios have thrown in.

If you can’t get enough of this endless runner, be sure to grab it from the Windows Store for free.