Count calories the best way with Calorie Manager

With smart phones a lot of great life improving apps have come about. One of the main “genres” of these are fitness based apps, either focusing on exercise regimes or nutritional apps. Calorie Manager by David Holland is the later as the name suggests. However, Calorie Manager doesn’t just track your calories but rather all the nutritional values for all the food you eat.

Specifically with Calorie Manager you can track calories, calories from fat, total fat, carbs, sugar, protein, vitamins, cholesterol, etc. Basically a one stop shop nutritional app. In Calorie Manager you have tons of options to add food. You can actually scan barcodes, search databases for restaurant/generic/packaged food, input custom food, and more. From there you can create lists, goals, and net amounts. All of this can be exported to Excel files for easy looking/management and even synced to your FitBit. I’ve seen a lot of calorie and nutrition apps but Calorie Manager is easily the best I’ve seen.


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