Discover the Weather Anywhere and Anytime of the Year with Climatology App for Windows

Climatology Windows Phone

Anyone with a smartphone is bound to have an app or two to check on the weather in their locality. Microsoft Research recently released a weather app called Climatology that’s quite unconventional in its offering. The app lets you access the weather data for any part of the world, for any time of the year. For instance, if you want to escape the freezing winters of your hometown and would love to be somewhere warm in January, you can find out places in the world that will be ideal to travel to at that time. Or, if you’re planning a cool November wedding but are worried that the rains will play spoilsport, you can check how the weather will play out in November, before you decide on a date.

While this may not the best weather app in the world, it certainly has its uses if you’re a frequent world traveller. The weather data are gathered by a team of Microsoft environmental scientists, so you can expect the data to be fairly accurate.

Climatology started out as an experiment by Microsoft and has very limited options at the moment. If you’ve got a mind for the unconventional, you can check out Climatology, which is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.


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