Gameloft’s Total Conquest Available for Windows 8 and Windows Phones

When we first saw Total Conquest, we thought of it as a love child of Age of Empires and Caesar 3 (both from PC). However, the more we played it, the more we got that old AoE feeling. New game from mobile gaming giant, Gameloft, is all about managing your (ancient) Roman province and defending it with troops and anti-siege equipment.


Here is what we liked:

  • 10 different unit types, all upgradable
  • Single player campaign

Alliance with other human players, mutual co-dependent warfare strategies to ensure victory in Legion Wars.

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing stand out really, graphics are little “model like” but that can be subjective, they are sharp and clear.

From the technical side, games runs fine, visual and audio elements are good and if you can provide 158MB free space on your 512MB device *or better), you can play Total Conquest for free.


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