Halo’s Cortana set to take on Siri and Google now?

With the Microsoft Developer’s BUILD 2014 just months away, rumors are flying thick and fast as to what we can expect to play out in the conference. One of the big noises we are hearing is that Windows Phone will get Halo character Cortana as its voice nav assistant.

Jen Taylor, who lends her voice to the popular AI character Cortana is rumored to be the voice behind this apparent game changing service, which will roll out to more than just mobile devices.The website also reports that the Bing app for iPhone will receive this service most likely in the fall of this year with U.S Xbox One owners and Windows users in other English speaking countries getting access to it over the next two years.

If the MSFTnerd reveal turns out to be correct, U.S developers could see a Cortana Beta on Lumia devices as early as this April. But if you’d like to see a little bit of the technology at work, you could check out Microsoft’s Bing Translator app for Windows, which apparently is already featuring Cortana-styled improvements in its speech recognition mechanism.

Cortana is expected to be an app that does more than just the usual voice enabled commands. Steve Ballmer, in his strategy memo in July, hinted that the company is working on a magical “service-enabled shell” which will be deeply personalized, learning what people want and anticipating what they need even before they ask for it. And many voices are suggesting this shell could just as well be Cortana.

While this sounds exciting enough, we will still have to take it with a pinch of salt as no official communication or leaks have been made as yet. However there is just enough here to keep our eyes and ears open in deep anticipation.

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