Kik Messenger is Now Part of the Nokia Collection; Revives Hopes of Development and Upgrades

If you’re a big fan of the personal instant messenger Kik, you may have been disappointed with its lack of updates on the Windows App Store. Kik Messenger was available for Windows 7 but hasn’t seen any official support for Windows 8 devices since February 27th 2012.

Kik Messenger

In an interview to TruTowers, Kik Messenger CEO Ted Livingston stated that the reason that Kik hasn’t seen any Windows Phone 8 updates was because Microsoft has been ignoring Webkit support on Windows Phone, making it a taxing process to port its card-based features to the phone. Ted admitted that they would be happy to do development work on the platform if Microsoft put Webkit on the Windows Phone.

However, despite the setback, there’s a good chance that things will start looking up for the app that has over 14 million users to date. Kik Messenger has been spotted in the Nokia Collection prompting speculation that the app might see updates and developmental efforts happening in the coming days.

Windows Phone Kik users will certainly benefit from the Live Tiles and Lock Screen support, improved notification system and better support for image sharing.

If you’ve been a KIK Messenger user, what’s your take on the lack of updates on the Windows platform. Would you like to see updates on the app or do you prefer to move over to other messaging services like WhatsApp and Skype.

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