McDonald’s Launches its Official Mobile App on Windows Phone Store

McDonald's Windows Phone

If you live in the UK, own a Windows Phone, and are crazy about happy meals, you have a friend in McDonald’s. The company has launched its official app for the UK making it easy now to find restaurants, check out the latest store promotions, what’s on the menu and even discover nutritional information behind all your favorite meals.

McDonald’s has plenty of restaurants all over the UK but what if you were looking for some specifics such as one with a drive-thru, or one that’s open 24/7. You can use the filters to find that and more such as ones that offer baby changing facilities, host birthday parties, offer free Wi-Fi or a play area and more. Searching the app is as easy as typing in a text keyword or locating one using the map view. The app also lets you save your favorite places to check out at a later point in time.

The Menu section of the app fills you in on the full UK menu and you can even discover the nutritional information and ingredients used for each type of meal. If you are worried about allergies, there’s a helpful guide in there too. And if you like to order custom meals, the app even lets you create your own combinations.

For the bargain hunter, the app features a special section that lets you view all the promotions happening in each restaurant. And if that doesn’t make you happy I don’t know what will! The official McDonald’s app is available on the Windows Phone Store for free. Click on the button to get it.


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