MusikPlayer is a Minimalist Music Player App for Your Windows Phone

The Windows Phone Store has a decent collection of music player apps, but if you are still on the lookout for something more, you can check out MusikPlayer . It is the creation of Indian indie developer Shoban Kumar who has made use of a simple, yet modern design to make listening to music on your Windows Phone a simple pleasure.

The app’s controls are conveniently placed at the bottom of a disc, which also displays the Album Art of the record that is playing. Tapping on the Album Art will display your music collection. The songs are categorized based on albums, artists, and songs.

MusikPlayer Windows Phone

The app also has a handy Search menu at the top of the screen that lets you search for songs using keywords. The auto-complete feature saves you from typing out everything and is a very handy addition to the feature.

Shoban is also actively working on bringing new features to the app, the latest of which brings a transparent tile for the Start screen. There are also further improvements in the works and users can expect to see gestures and options to mark as Favorites in the upcoming version.

MusikPlayer will leave you $1.49 short, but there’s a fully functional ad-free trial version which will let you enjoy the app just the way it was designed to do. You can of course buy the app from the Windows Phone Store if you’re happy with its offering.


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