New screenshot of Windows 8.1 shows separate volume controls

If you don’t know there is a no build of Windows, Windows 8.1, that is coming out in April and as the date approaches more and more details and leaks are getting released to the public. Today’s “leak” is a basic screenshot but one that is shaking things up.

This screenshot shows that there are now separate volume controls. Basically there are now two volume sliders. One that controls the ringer volume and another that controls media sound. There is also a silent mode toggle button and a cog button that goes directly to settings. This sounds extremely simple and it is, but Windows Phone has not had this yet and any step is a good step. Note that not all changes in Windows 8.1 are going to be this small as there are some big changes coming. Again, Windows 8.1 is set to be released in April and hardware utilizing it coming out in June.



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