Next gen gaming coming to Windows 8 with Wikipad’s latest Gamevice controller

Lately tons of companies are putting in a lot of time and effort to make devices and specifically controllers for the mobile gaming world to get it more immersive and mainstream. The latest of these to be announced is Wikipad‘s controller called Gamevice. The Gamevice will have support for Android as well as Windows 8, however no mention for Windows Phone so far.

The Gamevice is being called a next generation detachable console like controller. Big claims that I guess we’ll see if they meet. The way the controller will work is that there are two parts that connect to both sides of your device. This allows for a pretty flexible construct that should work well. In terms of straight hardware, the Gamevice offers two analog sticks, L1/R1 and L2/R2 configurations, a D-pad and four other buttons. This of course mimics most home console controller layouts and hopefully will translate well to mobile devices. No official release date is known but it is slated for sometime in 2014. We hope to see more at CES 2014 and will bring you any specifics we find out.

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