Office Lens Turns Your Windows Phone Into a Mobile Scanner

It sounds like something out of the future…having your phone actually scan things in real life and turning them into digital files. To be honest things like this have been out for a while in some form or another but today Microsoft has published the final version of Office Lens for Windows Phone that does exactly this. Now, Office Lens has been in beta for a while so you may already have been using it but it is great that it is finalized now.

If you don’t know how Office Lens works you basically can take pictures of whiteboards or documents in general and it will save everything in OneNote. This is a great tool for all sorts of people. Whether you’re a student wanting to save whiteboard figures to study or a person who wants to have digital files of everything from receipts to business cards. Office Lens recognizes the text in real life documents and can easily covert them to digital files. Furthermore, Office Lens has scenario specific modes such as whiteboard mode which reduces glare and shadows or document mode which trims and colors text perfectly. Office Lens looks like a must have app for your Windows Phone no matter what use you are planning.


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