QuizIt in the works for Windows Phone? Teaser here

A lot of big name or just popular apps are admittedly missing from the Windows Phone catalog. One of these is called QuizIt which if you don’t know about it is basically a quiz game (like the name suggests) that has over 290 categories! Essentially, QuizIt is the king of trivia games for phones and developer Daniel Gary is working on an unofficial client for us Windows Phone users.


Again, this is big news for all you trivia buffs (like myself) as QuizIt has over 100,000 questions with categories like geography, history, science, breaking bad, olympics and more. The variety is great and covers broad and specific topics. QuizIt is also a very social game as you can play against your Facebook friends or people who have signed up for standalone QuizIt accounts. As of now QuizIt is only for iOS with an official Android version in the works, which is awesome that Gary is already this far along in the Windows Phone development. Maybe this time we won’t have to wait so long!

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