Situation; Help Make Your Life Easier

Situation Windows Phone 3

Situation is a unique app that doesn’t really do just one thing but rather does two things! Both of the features that Situation utilizes are great for well…specific situations.

The first feature Situation can do is be a car finder. If you’ve parked in a large parking lot or in a garaage and you can’t find it then Situation has you covered. You simply enter in where the car is with your GPS and it can guide you right to it. The other option is you can take pictures of the general area where you parked and Situation will store that and show you.

The second feature Situation has is a nap assistant. If you have long commutes on a train or subway you may want to take naps occasionally. However, there is the fear you’ll miss your stop. Situation will fix that issue as you can input what stop you need to get off at and it will wake you up for you! In general, Situation is helpful if you find yourself napping on subways or losing your car a lot. Not for everyone but still pretty cool.


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