Skype App for Windows Phone Gets a Makeover as Windows 8.1 is Announced


If you’ve been too busy playing April Fool’s pranks to take notice of what’s happening in the Windows world, you’re going to love this bit of news. Microsoft’s BUILD conference has been taking place at San Francisco and a great many good things have been announced for Windows devices.

Windows 8.1 update is bringing a new Start screen, a personalized digital assistant, and plenty of great features for PCs and phones, but there’s also one app that’s getting a big makeover as a result of these improvements and that’s the popular messenger Skype.

Upgrade Regular Calls to Skype Video Calls

One of the coolest features you’re going to enjoy on Skype for Windows Phone is the ability to chat face to face with your cellular callers. If you are making a regular cellular call, but you wish to see the person you’re speaking to, you can simply tap on the Skype button to upgrade the call to a Skype video chat.

Integration with Cortana

Cortana, the exciting new personal assistant for Windows phone will also be integrated with Skype giving you a much more personalized chat experience. You can make use of Cortana to start Skype calls. Its as easy as saying “Skype, get Kim K on video”.

Other Improvements

If you’ve been using Skype on other Windows devices, and sorely missed some features on your Windows phone, don’t fret. Some of them will be making their way on to your phone via the Windows 8.1 update.

For instance, you will be able to stay “Always On” so that you get real time notifications and updates on the Live tiles as it happens. The People Hub will allow you to video call people who are in your inner circle directly from the contacts list. If your closest contacts are offline, you can still send connect to them via video instant messaging. And finally, you can enjoy better quality video chats with the HD 720p video calling option.

That’s a whole lot of great new features for your Skype app for Windows Phone. Are you looking forward to the new updates? Which feature update excites you the most?


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