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Microsoft OneDrive now live!

A week ago or so we did a post about how Microsoft‘s current (at the time) cloud server, SkyDrive, was getting a re-branding effort to be called OneDrive. Well, it is official! Microsoft OneDrive is now live for all users to use.

OneDrive 2

Of course, OneDrive again is basically SkyDrive just with a new name. A name that is supposed to mean that you’ll use this drive for all your things and have it all in one place. However, there are a few new features that we welcome. There is automatic camera backup for Android and real time co-editing for one. Video sharing and viewing is easier now and there are new ways to buy and earn storage. For instance you can earn an extra 3 GB by activating your camera roll backup to save photos automatically. This is exciting news and we look forward to seeing what else OneDrive will bring in the future.

SkyDrive dead; Bring on OneDrive

Assuming you all have Windows Phones as you’re reading this site then you know that Microsoft has been using a cloud-based storage system called SkyDrive. That is no more…at least the name. Yep, Microsoft is dropping all branding associations with SkyDrive and re-branding it OneDrive.


Why the change? Microsoft’s reasoning behind it all is that with the name OneDrive it insinuates that while you have many different devices you now can store and view it all on one drive aka OneDrive. The whole re-branding aspect may sound dumb to some but marketing things is a huge industry and very important and OneDrive certainly does make sense. So far no date has been given to when the OneDrive will actually be happening but we’ll let you know when something does.

Microsoft spreads holiday cheer for Windows Phone users; Gifts 20GB extra SkyDrive storage

Got a Windows phone? Then get ready to enjoy this holiday gift from Microsoft. The company has announced that it will be giving Windows phone users the chance to activate a bonus of 20GB free SkyDrive storage for a year.

20GB extra SkyDrive storage

Ever since Microsoft streamlined its SkyDrive services in April 2012 giving users just 7GB of SkyDrive storage instead of its 25GB offer from earlier, Microsoft has been trying to entice customers to use its cloud storage services by throwing in some interesting offers. You may remember a similar offer made by the company on purchase of a Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2 tablet, where customers could get of 200GB extra storage for two years.

If you’re a Windows user, SkyDrive of course is an ideal tool to connect and sync all your photos and files to access from just about anywhere. The free extra storage will come in handy to back up videos and photos you capture on your Windows phone because if something should happen to your phone, your data will remain perfectly safe and accessible on SkyDrive.


With the Windows ecosystem still playing catch up to the major players, Microsoft is probably hoping that these bonus teasers could draw in more customer loyalty.

If you’re interested in picking up an extra 20GB storage for free for a year, check your Windows Phone Inboxes and redeem that code. You have until 31st January 2014 to claim your gift.