Take a Sneak Peek at Windows Phone 8.1 Voice Assistant Cortana

The frenzied rumors that Windows 8.1 will be featuring a Siri-like voice assistant in the form of a Halo inspired character Cortana appears to be gaining more foundation. Unleashthephones.com managed to grab Cortana at work in a 2 minute video that shows the basic setup that will get you started on Cortana. Sadly, we don’t get to hear the voice in the video, but if you’re eager to learn a little more about how Cortana, watch the video.

Halo’s Cortana set to take on Siri and Google now?

With the Microsoft Developer’s BUILD 2014 just months away, rumors are flying thick and fast as to what we can expect to play out in the conference. One of the big noises we are hearing is that Windows Phone will get Halo character Cortana as its voice nav assistant.