Windows Phone Marketplace reached 70,000 apps!

Windows Phone has been picking up steam lately,launching the platform in China just yesterday and making headway as one of Nokia’s primary partners.

But when it comes to buying Windows Phone, the big hesitation for just about everyone is apps. Both the Android Market and the App Store have surpassed half a million apps each, but today Microsoft has an exciting (albeit smaller) bit of good news to share.

The Windows Phone Marketplace has topped 70,000 apps. That’s up from 50,000 in December and 60,000 in January.

WP 7 Marketplace hits 3,000 apps and attracts 15,000 developers!


It’s staggering to think how much things have changed in the cellphone industry over the last few years. Where vendors once measured success largely in terms of units shifted, future success is now measured by the number of apps, games, and devs attracted to each opposing platform in a burgeoning smartphone marketplace.