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Five Angry Birds games updated, exiting new levels and chars for Windows Phone gamers

Good news for Rovio fans. Company just updated Angry Birds: original, Seasons, Rio, Star Wars and Star Wars II, the Windows phone versions. Lovers of the arguably the biggest franchise in mobile gaming will get to play the new levels and will be granted access to new characters.

Angry Birds

Here is more detailed info for each game:

Original: 30 new levels, new potions, shockwave (unleash huge blast on cunning pork-chops).

Rio: 26 new year themed new levels, new “rocket bird” on bonus levels, new gameplay.

Seasons: 25 new levels (if the trend continues, there won’t be new levels left for SW versions, author), special arctic combat theme and u-bird sub-surface attack.

Star Wars: 30 new levels (glad he was wrong, editor) with an epic finale. *Imperial march playing* You will unmask Lord Vader, if you defeat him and the Emperor (pig) on the Death Star!

Star Wars II: 40 new levels + 4 secret levels, if you find the star map and unlock them, 3 new characters (Padme, Captain Panaka and Zam Wesell).

Each game has a $0.99 price label so hurry and get them for you or surprise somebody in the gift season.

Games are available on the market here.