Too many bills flying around? Grab the Mobilligy Bill Pay app and pay on the go

One of the most common financial headaches we face today are managing our bills. There are just too many payments to be made at so many different days in the month, that paper filing and pencil checking tasks don’t just become cumbersome, they become exhausting.


Enter the Mobilligy Bill Pay app for Windows. This one makes all your bill payments and processing effortless. All you need to do is add your credit card, debit card, bank account details along with the billers and the login information and you’re all set to go.

At a glance Mobilligy Bill Pay lets you see a host of information related to your bills including how much money is due and how much money you have in your accounts to pay them. You can also make payments directly from within the app. The Service account page lets you view all your payment history and balances and if your billing service is not included in the app, you can simply tap a button to request the app developer to include it.

Additionally, you can also contact support, and invite friends to try Mobilligy. If you prefer to access individual billing services, you can even pin them to the Windows Phone Start Screen for easier access. As far as safety of information entered is concerned, Mobilligy is protected with bank-level encryption. If you’ve ever wanted a finance app that can take care of all your cumbersome billing activities, Mobilligy Bill Pay is worth checking out.

The app works on both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices and is available on the Windows Store for free.


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