Touch Up Your Self Portraits with the Perfect Tool Facetune for Windows Phone

Facetune 1

Even the best looking models and the most glamorous men and women in the world need a touchup when it comes to their photos. Facetune is a cool app for Windows Phone that promises to let you do professional quality touchups of your portraits and selfies for little or nothing.

Got a blemish on your face or are your teeth not white enough for your liking? Just make use of the features in the app and you’re all ready to dazzle the social world where your images are sure to land up. Perfect smiles, beautiful skin, penetrating eyes, a hair salon, and even the ability to reshape your facial structure is possible with Facetune.

With the ability to do a whole lot of virtual make up, its hardly surprising that the app is popular on the Android and iOS platform. You can grab this one from the Windows Phone Store for $2.99 and start spending some vanity time on all those cool images that missed the mark.


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