Voices Admin Gives More Options For UserVoice Admins

Voices Admin Windows Phone
If you haven’t heard of UserVoice before it is a great app for big companies and developers alike. You can set it up and basically it is a platform for user feedback. No matter how big or small your company is, UserVoice is interesting to look into for direct feedback. Now, a new app called Voices Admin by MSiccDev gives admins of UserVoice more freedom.

Voices Admin Windows Phone (1)Voices Admin Windows Phone (2)Voices Admin Windows Phone (3)

With Voices Admin you can get an account overview, manage suggests and support tickets, look at articles/knowledge base and see live notifications. This really gives Admins the freedom and capability to manage their UserVoice platform as efficiently as they can. In addition to those features, the developer added a help library that allows you to integrate the original UserVoice into your own apps. If you’re a company head, indie developer or anybody it is worth checking out Voices Admin on Windows Store.


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