Weather Premium; An Interesting Take On A Common App

Weather Premium

One of the more looked at apps/widgets on my Windows Phone is easily my weather app. I think that is true for a lot of people and subsequently there are a lot of different weather apps on the market. Weather Premium by MetroStudio is not “just another” weather app but tries to take a more unique approach to the issue. The end result is actually something pretty cool and worth checking out.

You can see the weather forecasts in Weather Premium in three separate themes; Classic, Clother and Awesome. Note that on the Windows Phone version of Weather Premium you don’t have radar but you do have the basic weather information you could want. So what about these different themes? Well, classic is your basic weather app and shows you various extended forecasts. Clother helps you decide what clothes are necessary for outside and is extremely helpful. The awesome theme gives you a brief snippet of the weather in a humorous tone. All are fairly simple and straightforward but exactly what you need/want in a weather app. If you’re looking for a rather basic weather app that is fairly minimalistic then Weather Premium is for you.


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