Wild Kratts creature power comes to Windows Phone; Alert your kids

If you have a kid or a younger sibling you may have heard of the hit PBS show Wild Kratts. If not well it is an educational cartoon focusing on science and adventure; and yes it is a huge hit with the younger demographic. Now the Wild Kratts Creature Power app has come to Windows and Windows Phone stores.

Again, this app is pretty much specifically geared towards the K-2 crowd and if you have a little one who has access to Windows or a Windows Phone this $2.99 app is well worth it. Wild Kratts Creature Power features three interactive games all based on animals. In one you have to pollinate flowers as a bee, in another you get to bathe elephants and the other has you feeding raccoons. These are all mini-challenges but are laced with educational facts and concepts that are great for a young kid. So, again, if you have a little one of your own be sure to check out Wild Kratts Creature Power as it brings fun and learning!


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