Windows 9 or threshold will be coming in April 2015

The Windows operating system has seen many iterations since its first launch. Its latest version, Windows 8.1 however has been performing less successfully than some of its previous counterparts and from what we can see from the statistics we can only say that they are so bad that we are already ready to talk about the next version, Windows 9.

Sources at Paul Thurrott’s WinSuperSite suggest that Microsoft is likely to discuss its future vision for the OS in the BUILD developer conference in April 2014 where it is expected to announce its upcoming version, Threshold or Windows 9.

Microsoft may be keen to get rid of the negative publicity that Windows 8 has registered and will be coining up a new name for the next version. Threshold is expected to meet the needs of billions of traditional PC users who should want to adopt it on other modern mobile computing devices they use as well. Paul expects Microsoft to address the Metro design language in Windows 9, meaning there will be a windowed version of Metro working on top of the desktop.

We will get a much clearer picture of the future of Windows in the April BUILD, and until then, we can only hope that Microsoft gets its act together, this time around.

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