Take a Sneak Peek at Windows Phone 8.1 Voice Assistant Cortana

The frenzied rumors that Windows 8.1 will be featuring a Siri-like voice assistant in the form of a Halo inspired character Cortana appears to be gaining more foundation. Unleashthephones.com managed to grab Cortana at work in a 2 minute video that shows the basic setup that will get you started on Cortana. Sadly, we don’t get to hear the voice in the video, but if you’re eager to learn a little more about how Cortana, watch the video.


Cortana can be activated either from the Start screen or via the hardware Search button. The first thing you need to do before you get started is sign in with your Microsoft account. Cortana will then ask you a series of questions to get to know you a little bit better. For instance, once you let Cortana know how you wish to be called, it will ask you to choose a couple of answers for a series of questions that include the following:

  • What are a couple of the most enjoyable parts of your everyday evenings?
  • When you think about food, what’s most important to you these days?
  • What are two of your main motivations for going out to an event/activity?
  • When you want to catch up on what’s going on in the world, which section do you go to first?

Cortana will also analyze text messages, location info, contacts, email data, browser history and search history to understand user behavior and habits.

The video also shows us a little bit about how Cortana works during Quiet hours. Basically, Cortana takes care of your calls, texts and other notifications, but you can choose to turn it on, off, or set it to turn on automatically. Some of the options that are allowed during Quiet hours are calls made 2 times in 3 minutes, or calls and text messages made by your “inner circle”.  Contacts who are allowed through may also be notified by Cortana that you are busy.

Cortana is obviously still a work in progress but it is exciting to see a little bit of the software in action. Whado you think of Cortana? Are you looking forward to this Windows Phone 8.1 voice assistant?

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