Could Windows Phone Surpass Android In New Markets?

Windows Phone vs. Android

It is fairly well known that Windows Phone and Android are fairly similar in a lot of their business aspects. They are fighting for second place in the app market against Apple, both have great headsets, etc. While worldwide Android is “beating” Windows Phone they are set to take 1st in new emerging markets like Brazil and China.

According to Martin Koppel, COO at mobile payment specialist Fortumo, Windows Phone growth in those markets will make them more of an even match. This growth is made possible by a few things Windows Phone has recently done. First off creating software for Windows Phone got a whole lot easier with their universal app support. Also Microsoft has increased marketing for their Windows Phone greatly. Another big aspect for Windows Phone is the fact that the Play Store is also
universal in other countries unlike Android’s Google Play counterpart. Overall, the Windows Phone is poised to fill a gap in these emerging markets by being a cheap alternative to Iphones while providing some great universal services for developers and customers alike.

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