Beats Music set to launch in the U.S on January 21; Promises to change the way you listen to music

Spotify, Rhapsody and Google Play Music have done it before. Now it’s the turn of Dr. Dre’s headphone brand Beats to fix us up with a new style of personalized music subscription service. Called Beats Music, this new platform is expected to shake up the existing marketplace with its unique delivery of music to customers.

Beats has long been associated in the music business and it appears to be pulling all the best talents in the industry to make Beats Music a reality. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor (chief creative officer), digital music industry veteran Ian Rogers (chief executive) and veteran radio programmer Julie Pilat ( Global Head of Programming) are just some of the names that are working together on this project.

Beats Music will initially only launch in the U.S and the company’s special tie up with AT&T means that anyone with a AT&T Family Plan will be eligible for a special offer of a $50 account for $14.99. This will be applicable for up to 5 people and 10 devices. There will also be an extended 90-day free trial on offer.

Just like any other subscription service, Beats Music will offer on-demand subscription with options for uninterrupted streaming and download of songs from its database. But it will not just offer a computer generated song recommendation. Instead, its team of editorial staff will offer their “human” curation of music playlists as recommendations. The company is also partnering with music giants like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, DJ Mag and Country Weekly to offer their own selection of music.

Beats Music will also deliver music tailored to your requirements. If you input your location, what you want to do, who you are with or what sort of music you want to hear, you will receive a special music playlist recommendation based on your mood and preferences.

Beats Music will be available to try for free, but it will cost you $9.99/month for unlimited streaming and downloading. If you’re ready to tune into a new kind of music experience, be sure to grab the service on your Windows Phone, Jan 21st.

Source: Beats Music

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