Explore the Stars and Constellations with the Star Walk App for Windows Phone

Star Walk Windows Phone

Despite our hectic lifestyle and busy schedules most of us have often stopped for a minute or two to gaze at the night sky and ponder at the stars that twinkle down upon us. Have you ever wondered what those stars might be or if they are part of a magnificent constellation? You don’t have to wonder anymore, thanks to the wonderful app for star gazers called Star Walk.

Star Walk has extensive information on over 200,000 celestial bodies from stars, and planets to satellites and constellations. All you need to do to get initiated into the astronomical journey is to open up the app and point it toward the night sky. You will immediately be able to see information on the celestial bodies you are pointing at. As you move your device you will see the updated information about each object in the sky.

Star Walk 1

Star Walk has plenty of exciting features. An Augmented Reality icon will help you add the image from your camera to your sky view. The app also features a Night mode that should make it easier on the eyes and save you from staring too long at the screen. A cool “Time Machine” feature lets you gaze at the skies of the past years and even peek into the skies of tomorrow.If you love watching meteor showers, you can use Star Walk to locate the next likely meteor shower and plan ahead for viewing it. And if you get totally excited with your discoveries, you can share your night sky images with friends using the social features.

Star Walk will leave you short by $2.49, but if you love the outdoors, star gazing, or doing fun educational stuff with the kids, you’ll be happy with what Star Walk offers. Download Star Walk for Windows Phone by clicking the button below.


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