Final Fantasy III from Square Enix lands on Windows Phone

Windows Phone has just received a quiet Xbox game launch from Square Enix. The publisher’s popular Japanese RPG Final Fantasy III landed on the Windows App Store without much fanfare, but it is still great news for fans of Xbox games who have been missing many of the big games in recent weeks.

Final Fantasy III

The iOS version of Final Fantasy III has been ported to Windows Phone and has been better optimized for the mobile platform compared to previous releases like Final Fantasy. Players have the option of using thumb stick controls, choose from menu options, or can directly tap on the screen to attack enemies.

For the uninitiated, Final Fantasy III revolves around the quest to find elemental crystals that will save the world. One of the significant gameplay features of the game revolves around a job system. Much like the classes you are familiar with, in Final Fantasy III they come in the form of a Warrior, Thief, Summoner, Mage, and Ninja, among others.

Final Fantasy III is the highest priced Square-Enix game yet on the Windows phone, at $15.99. If you’re a big fan of RPG games and cannot resist downloading the game, just be sure to have at least 2GB storage space before you get started.


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