Herocraft releases the free version of Tiny Bang Story on Windows Phone 8

Herocraft, makers of Catch the Candy have just released the beautiful puzzle game Tiny Bang Story on the Windows Phone. Tiny Bang Story takes place in an idyllic and peaceful world of Tiny Planet.

An asteroid strike renders the planet to pieces and it is up to you to rebuild the world again. You do that by putting together the scattered jigsaw pieces. The pieces themselves are cleverly laid out; hiding in the beautifully crafted backgrounds, in treasure chests, and at just about anywhere on the screen. However, they are not all not so obvious and you will have to solve puzzles to discover some of them.

Tiny Bang Story

The game is played out in five chapters with over 30 different brain teasers to challenge your wits. There are ten enchanting musical themes to perfectly complement every level in the game. Tiny Bang Story doesn’t draw you in to the game with any storyline or dialog and you are free to explore the environment and figure your way through each chapter. You can play it as fast as you like or as slow as you want and you’re bound to enjoy the experience from start to finish.

Grab Tiny Bang Story on the Windows Store for the price of free.


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