Play Your Favorite PC Games on Windows 8 Touch Devices with TouchFox

One of the cool things about Windows 8 tablets is that you can not only play games optimized for the device, but also enjoy cool Windows 7 games on them too. One drawback though is that they are usually not touch optimized so you have to make use of a controller, mouse or keyboard to enjoy gameplay. Now, thanks to TouchFox, you can do away with all the extra accessories to play PC games on a Windows 8 touch device.

Touchfox is a touch controller for PC games, which means it adds a set of touch controls to your PC games eliminating the need for a keyboard or mouse. The app is powered by a platform called Overwolf which adds certain features such as in-game browser, game capture, Skype, and Twitch streaming among others.

To start using TouchFox, you first have to download and install Overwolf and set up your account. You can then buy TouchFox touch controllers, collect your product key and input that into the Overwolf Appstore page. The controller will then be added to your account and be ready for use.

Touchfox app does not work universally on all supported games. You have to buy individual touch controls for each game you want to play, which is rather disappointing considering that the price per controller is $3.99. Currently TouchFox controllers are available for 10 popular PC games including Skyrim, Castle Crashers, Borderlands 2, Crysis 2, The Witcher 2, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, DC Universe Online, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Magicka and F.E.A.R 3. The development team are promising support for more games including World of Warcraft.

Playing PC games on a touch enabled device is a great concept, but Touchfox does have its issues. Apart from being pricey and usable on just one game, there are bugs and restrictive controls that it could do well without. You do have the option to trial a controller before you buy, so that should give you some comfort. Touchfox could well become a compelling gaming accessory if it could become universally applicable, but if you are just dying to play your favorite PC game on a Windows touch device, you could give this one a go and share your experience with us.

Download Touchfox for Windows 8 here.

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