Rudy Huyn trying his hand at creating a new Tinder app

You may know Rudy Huyn or you may not but chances are you know his work. He has created some high quality apps for some high quality sites for Windows Phones. Examples include his Wikipedia app, TVShow, Fuse, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat apps. Now he has teased that he is taking on another project; creating a Tinder app.

Tinder app

What is Tinder, you may be asking? Well, an easy way to describe it is that it is a modern day Hot or Not app. Right now it is only on iOS and Android but it helps match people up for dates and hookups. You basically sign up for Tinder through Facebook and upload a few pictures of yourself, fill out a bio and perhaps leave your Twitter/Instagram handle. From there you put in your age and gender preferences and a radius around you. You then get matches and you swipe them to the right if you “like” them and to the left if you don’t. If someone you liked likes you back you both get a message inviting to talk to them.

As you can see this has become a new app phenomena and now Huyn is working on a Windows Phone version. Look out for it and we’ll keep you posted!

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