Speedometer for Windows Phone Updated with Dashboard Camera

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Speedometer, this is a GPS based car dashboard app by Sygic that provides speed camera alerts. The app has over 50,000 fixed speed camera locations and a live community support that reports traps and dangers on the road so you can stop worrying about getting caught speeding.

The developers have now upgraded the app to version 2.1, which brings a dashboard camera that can be used to record videos of all your trips. In many countries, a recent trend has been to scam insurance companies by faking accidents or claiming more damages for less serious ones. Having a dashboard camera helps users to show the results of the video recordings as evidence in case of an incident.

Speedometer 1

The video recordings indicate the GPS, speed and location information and can be saved by the user at a location of his choice as well as on Sygic’s Azure servers. When the videos are stored in the Sygic cloud, they get processed by the company, which then adds metadata such as location, date, time, speed as subtitles. This comes in handy as it stands as a guarantee that the videos haven’t been tampered with and are a reliable piece of evidence for the police or insurance authorities.

Apart from the dashboard camera, the new update also brings additional improvements and features including thousands of speed cameras which have been added or updated, support for Polish and Turkish languages, speed camera information from TomTom, posted speed limits so you know what speeds you should be driving at, and improvement in manage & export trip logs.

The new dashboard camera is not a free service though. Users are required to pay $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year to avail themselves of the service. You can grab this handy app from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.


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