Want buffer? Try Stack; It gets the job done

For all you social networking addicts you may be familiar with a service/app called Buffer. Basically what it does is you can use it to post things to your Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the future at a delayed time. This can be useful for anyone who does hardcore social media work or if you want to have an active account and just want to write a bunch of posts at once and schedule them out.

Now, there is no official Buffer app for Windows Phone 8. However there is a new app called Stack that aims to fill that void in your life. Stack can do everything that Buffer can do and does it in that beautiful Metro look. So you can write posts to schedule, publish posts instantly, re-schedule posts and even look at your Klout score. Stack is still relatively new but the developer plans to add a lot more features such as camera support and cloud storage. You can pick up Stack for $1.99 for a limited time, so get it while its hot!


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