Windows Phone 8 users can burn those festive calories now with the Zumba Dance app

Zumba Dance, the popular fitness and dance game from Majesco Entertainment has made its way to the Windows Phone Store. The game features three hours of routines, complete with chart topping tunes from LMFAO, Pitbull, Tiesto, Kat Deluna, and Sean Paul along with some delightfully pulsating original Zumba numbers.


Superstar Zumba instructors, Beto Perez, Gina Grant, and Kass Martin will take you through each and every dance routine and you can check out your stats, calories burned, goals met, and other feedback and improvements at the end of your routine. And on what basis will you receive those feedback? Well, Zumba Dance has a motion based technology which makes the front facing camera on your Windows Phone 8 work to give you a Kinect-like experience.

$4.99, the cost of the game will only get you a 20 minute workout. You’ll have to cough up a little more if you want to pick up any of the three pre-programed 60 minute classes and customize it to your requirements. If you want to stay in shape the fun Zumba way, grab this game from the Windows Phone Store now.


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