Windows Phone grows 104% in 2013

There is no real surprise that Windows Phone is basically in third place behind Android and iOS but that doesn’t mean it is doing bad itself. In fact based on recent reports from ABI Research we have now seen some great insight to how the Windows Phone is doing exactly.


Based on these results it should come to no surprise that Android dominates market share with 70% and Windows Phone coming in at 4%. A better figure is that Windows Phone in general grew 104% in 2013. Meaning that a year ago they shipped 5.3 million devices and now they have shipped 10.9 million in the same time frame. Research has shown that the total number of Windows Phones in the public is around 50 million. Again, these are not nearly as big of numbers as you’d see for Android or iOS but growth of any rate is great and we look forward to seeing this trend continue with the Windows Phone.

Source: ABI Research

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